Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Review

Okay, so Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity had Declined) is one of the first shows that ended for the summer 2012 season and I’ll have to say, for the expectations that I had for it, thankfully it didn’t disappoint me at all.

The first impression you get from an anime is usually the art style and I’ll have to say, it’s very unique. However, despite the vibrant colors and and bold character designs, it not only stands out but works well with the setting. One might be wary of this kind of art style and wonder “Is this show even going to be good?” but don’t worry. I’m glad I gave this show a chance. I’d like to thank Team Till Dawn for this amazing art design because it’s very clean, the backgrounds aren’t skimped on and every character is memorable. I’d also like to point out that they did the art for Persona 4 (the anime at least) and Kamisama Dolls so I’m surprised it came out this well (that is to say I thought they didn’t do their best for those shows). The main girl is so lovable and probably one of my favorite characters now and not only because of her design, but because of her complex nature, but I’ll talk about that later. For now enjoy a picture of her badassery before I get to the real meat of the review.


From the title of this series, you can tell this isn’t your average show. In fact, the happy, colorful portrayal of this black comedy, seinen satire is a nice contrast. The story follows a girl named Watashi (meaning I or me in Japanese, so I guess technically she is nameless but for reference I’ll call her Watashi) and she works for the UN as a mediator between Humanity, who are the fairies and the Former Humanity, which are the original humans. Basically humans have evolved into fairies and are superior in pretty much every way, which is why the old humanity is going extinct. Sounds interesting right? I know :3

So Watashi’s first job is to help make food for this village where her grandfather lives. Apparently meat production is a lost art in the future, just like manga! However, things get interesting when the chickens outsmart her and her three friends try to capture them. All of the adults where away on a hunt so couldn’t help them and, of course, they didn’t manage to catch anything. Well, I guess they are eating veggies for dinner again. Not only do the chicken come back to mock them, but apparently they have evolved into a more intelligent life form, the form of a skinned, headless chicken and run a factory that is distributing fairy-made products for the citizens of the town. Hooray! Of course, Watashi only figures this out after a long trial of investigation which involves a lot of /facepalm.


The rest of the story is a bunch of her quirky adventures so I won’t spoil it, but it’s worth mentioning the story doesn’t quite go in chronological order. It has a couple arcs where it goes back in time to show you how since met other lovable characters in the show like Y and Joshu-san (Assistant). Y is one of her friends, who went to school with her, who is a yaoi maniac and takes spreading the love very seriously. The other major characters are Watashi’s grandfather, who is called Grandfather and the fairies, who don’t have names. Watashi usually keeps some fairies with her, which increases her luck parameter, occasionally saving her from certain death.


Watashi is the type of girl that keeps to herself because she doesn’t trust any humans, besides Grandfather and Assistant, but at times can be very outspoken and make sarcastic retorts. She isn’t surprised very easily and takes things at face value. Plus she’s smart and looks adorable, need I say more? She’s always having dilemma whether is being caught inside a manga, caught in an endless loop of time, caught in the creation of a nation, but all of her problems are caused by the fairies. But she loves them anyway.

So now that I’ve talked as much as necessary about the plot and the characters, time to get to the other stuff. This show doesn’t put a huge emphasis on music, but when it does use music, it uses it well. Both the OP and the ED were well done and fit with the show. The OP is done by nano.RIPE who are most well known for the OP and other inserts for Hanasaku Iroha and recently, Sankarea. It’s a very upbeat song that mindless represents the fairies frivolity despite the troubles of the old humanity. The ED is Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume by the ever glorious Masumi Itou whose earliest work includes Galaxy Angel and Azumanga Daioh. It’s a nice song with ups and down that I think fits very well with the series.

As for the genius who wrote this story, Tanaka Romeo (I can’t help but think of how derp this name sounds), turns out this was who first novel. I’m impressed. Normally he only writes for bishoujo and H-games but Jinrui was something I would not have expected from him. I take off my hat to you Good Sir. So yeah. I guess there isn’t that much to say about this since this is pretty much his first work in the anime/manga industry. AIC, the studio who worked on Jinrui (well, a division of AIC did), did a pretty good job. I think the last amazing show I remember by them was Hourou Musuko. But they usually do a good job anyway. Good pacing, good perspectives, and all around good job for their work on Jinrui.

I definitely recommend this as Jinrui is probably the best show of the Summer 2012 season. It not only kept me watching from beginning to end, but it exceeded my expectations as “just a black comedy show.” If you don’t watch this now….



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Summer 2012 Impressions

Okay, so I decided to write a post with my thoughts on some shows that are currently airing.


Arcana Famiglia is a battle/reverse_harem/bishounen anime with an emphasis on the female market. It’s about a girl who the daughter of the boss of Arcana Tarroco, which is sort of like a mafia organization in Italy. In order to choose his next successor, he orders them all to train for a battle royale which will be held in a couple months and the winner will be the next boss and be allowed to marry his daughter. Sounds all good and all except its more about how the girl faces her every day situations and her interactions with all the people in the group. Not surprisingly, there are many seeds for romance but nothing gets resolved quickly, being very true to its genre. A decent watch, but wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.


Binbougami ga! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this show, but it has proven me very wrong; I’m actually enjoying this slapstick comedy a lot more than I thought I would. I only checked it out because the main character is voiced by Hanazawa Kana, but it was worth the find. It’s not quite the level of Nichijou or Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, but still you will not find a funnier show this season. The gags are well done and the characters are interesting, plus the plot is pretty decent, why ask for more. I recommend this show highly.


My first impression of Campione was, “this looks like it could be pretty badass” and didn’t let me down. However, although it has potential, it could still fuck up later so we’ll have to see. So far, there is a lot of action, moe, ecchi and badassery so it’s a good show if you are into that sort of thing. Some scenes get pretty raunchy and I liked very much :3 The main girl is like-able so it’s easy to seem her and the main guy in a relationship. In theory, a show about god-slayers should be very eventful… If they take the story and the romance to the next level it will be a solid show.


Chitose Get You is a cute little short that is great for killing time, getting a small laugh or checking another show off your list. I enjoy it enough to say if they make a full series out of this, I would check it out, but these shorts aren’t really worth the time if you only want to watch “great” shows.


*sigh* Dakara Boku Wa, H ga Dekinai is an ecchi. It has supernatural and romance elements to the point where I could say its about a horny teenager who wants to fuck a sexy demon. But I digress. It’s aired on an uncensored channel so you see bare breasts, which are pretty nicely done. I love the art style and the girl looks sexy. However, the main character is wimpy, which is a real downer, especially when he seems retarded. Besides the plot, it seems very generic. It’s not worth watching unless you only like ecchi, since that is the only good thing about this show. I don’t recommend it…but it’s okay ._.


Dog Days’…what else can I say about this other than it’s exactly like season 1, only with more heroes. Yes, Shinku brings his girlfriend and his sister back to Flonyard. Eh, I don’t recommend this show unless you liked the first season, it’s a direct sequel. If you haven’t watched season 1, Dog Days is pretty much a generic battle anime with moefied characters.


I decided to check out Hagure Yuusha no Estetica because it reminded me of DenYuuDen. It has a little less ecchi and a little more action/intrigue than I thought at first. It’s pretty decent. However, the main character is pretty indecent, since in the first scene, he is seen escaping from the land he saved (he is a hero that saved the world) and steals the panties of the maid guards that are chasing him. He makes it back to his world with the Demon Lord’s daughter and a foreshadow of devastation occurs. The main character is supposed to be a badass but hasn’t showed his full potential yet, so I guess this has promise. I don’t really recommend it unless you like mature action/ecchi shows, but it’s okay.


Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita greatly surprised me. Don’t let the art fool you; this dark comedy is a masterpiece. From its original art style, to intriguing plot devices, to engaging dialogue, I have enjoyed every episode that I have watched so far. It’s not just a dark comedy either, there is a very solid plot as well, which is always very nice. I highly recommend this show if you like any kind of comedy or humor.


Joshiraku is a show about five girls talking about random things on their stage show. It’s pretty generic and they make some obscure references and puns, but it’s alright. The jokes don’t always make me laugh and there really is no plot. If you don’t care and just want to watch cute girls talking and doing retarded things you might like this show, but I don’t really recommend it.


I had high hopes for Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate because it has an interesting plot and really good character design. I really like Michiru (and she’s voiced Imai Asami HNNNGH). But this show kinda disappoints me, besides Michiru, the characters are very bland and don’t seem interesting. The plot is turning into a weird school politics battle. But at least the opening song is good. I don’t really recommend this show.


Kokoro Connect had potential but you always run into trouble when you come to the idea of switch bodies. I think this anime took it a little weirdly. They actually do go in the direction of thinking about what the soul is, but it just seems like a convenient plot device to explain things and I don’t think they are going anywhere with it. But that would be nice. It has comedy but only light chuckles and a little generic. I’m a little disappointed with this show and so far nothing has really hit me as amazing. Don’t recommend unless you like weird dramas.


Honestly, I thought Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru would be a bad show. It seemed very generic and predictable at first, but episodes 3 and 4 turned it around a little bit. The girls are your normal stereotypes and are a little interesting but it’s a harem. Meh. I suppose if I was the heir of a wealthy company and transferred to a school to find my future bride I would have fun too. If you like harem then watch it but I don’t think it’s very good.


The long awaited Moyashimon season 2! It’s good. Watch it.


I had high hopes for this show because all of the josei anime I watched have been excellent. However, the main character turns out to either be very rude and ignorant or both. I dunno, he rubs me the wrong way. Oh well. Anyway, it’s about a guy who buys flowers from this shop every day because he has a crush on the owner. Cool story bro. Then he ends up working there. Then there is odd romance. The lady’s late husband hovers around the shop as a ghost and for some reason the main guy can see him. Okay. The ghost tries to interfere for some odd reason, guess he has some regrets but doesn’t really make himself clear. Okay, I lost interest in this show, I don’t recommend it.


Okay. Holy shit. Sword Art Online is the best show this season. Fucking watch it. It’s about a really hyped virtual reality game that gets released and when people rush out to buy it and connect to it, they come to the realization that they cannot log out until they clear the game. Okay, no biggy, dey got dis. Except if you die, you die in the real world. Damn microwaves. Well, fuck, this show just got a gold star for badassery. If that isn’t hardcore enough for you, then the main character was a beta tester for this game and knows a shitton and even leads the main group of gamers to help clear the game. Plus he kills all the things. The art style seems like it doesn’t really fit but it works, especially in battles. There is some tasteful romance as well. OMG JUST WATCH THIS SHOW.


Tari Tari is a little odd, but the characters are love-able and has some good songs. It’s a decent slice of life with some drama and depending on how well it’s developed it can get better. It’s about a girl who failed at a recital and wanted to perform again since it’s her last year in high school, however she has to make a new club to do it. So now she has to build a new choir club with her friends as they develop….meh….good songs but it seems a litte awkward.

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Fate Zero


Okay, so this will be a review for both seasons 1 and 2 of Fate Zero without much regard to Fate Stay/Night. I’ll try to be objective, since that is my goal, and I’ll admit I wanted to like this series. Cue bashing.

So the story starts out with the masters being chosen and masters summoning their servants, sounds good so far. Not going too into the details for the story, since this is a prequel and very straightforward so I’m just going through all the things I thought were well or poorly done. The whole first season, 13 episodes, was really slow. It was also basically just an introduction to the characters and the story, because nothing actually happens until the last episode. The was some political intrigue that didn’t make sense: Tokiomi working with the Church, which is supposed to be neutral (and wasn’t explained). The first “real” fight was extremely anti-climatic, as were all of the other fights. When they introduce Caster, who is a messed up individual, they show him derping around for the whole first season doing what he pleases and gets himself targeted for no obvious reason. The church sets a bounty on him, the reward being a command spell, because apparently Caster was dangerous. Okay, so he broke a few rules.

The Grail is supposed to grant a single wish for the winner of this battle royale which is pretty cool, but nothing about how the grail was fight discovered or why it grants a wish is ever explained. It’s just said that the original three families summoned the grail and had to fight for it because it only granted one wish. OKAY TYPE MOON. This only creates a contradiction. If the grail chooses the masters, how come the three families are always in it and get to summon it? Great.

The role of Caster and his Master was unclear in the story. They existed only to stir things up and they had no reason to participate in the Holy Grail War. Also Caster’s Obsession with Saber, besides looking like his lost long love, was entirely unneeded. He basically has no connection to Saber. Why would the Grail choose those guys… Cue picture of Caster’s equally insane master:


We also find out that Saber’s and Kiritsugu’s ideologies don’t match up so they argue. Since they have the same goal the argument was completely pointless. Also, the reason why Irisviel is a “dummy” master for Kiritsugu is not clearly explained. Besides the fact that Kiritsugu refuses to use magic, he still has enough mana to supply to Saber. If he wanted to hide himself he could have just done the same exact thing Lancer’s master did; stay in the shadows. But of course, Kiritsugu does that anyway so using Irisviel as a tool didn’t appeal to me.


Although Illya is a fucking awesome character. HNNNNNNNNNGH. I’d pick acorns all day with her. /end fangasm. Saber is pretty much how she is in Stay/Night; very chivalrous and outspoken, not a bad character. And despite being almost worthless with regard to the plot, Irisviel was a good character. Actually, everyone was a decent character except for Archibald and Maiya. And if I were a woman, I would bear Rider’s children. He is the biggest BAMF in the series. I mean, come on, look at that smile.


So, more characters. Kariya, Berserker’s master, was probably one of the better characters, even though all of them were pretty average. He was the only one that actually underwent decent character development. Turns out he never wanted to be a master for the Matou family but changed his mind to protect Sakura, who was his only link to happiness and sanity. Sola-Ui and Maiya were just bitches for Archibald and Kiritsugu respectively and aren’t important. Lancer is a cool guy who upholds knightly honor but seems too naive and useless. Except for that one time when he could have done something and waits until the last minute to do it. Bullshit. Berserker’s role, other than being a “rival” for Saber was completely unnecessary because he didn’t do anything meaningful. He showed up, derped up a bit then left. The characters in Kiritsugu’s back-story are irrelevant.

The plot needs a serious rework. Whoever wrote this script was too eager to make it “deep” and “cool” that it just seemed over-complicated and ridiculous. I just wanted a nice story that was simple to understand and straightforward. It’s supposed to be a story about 7 Masters and Servants fighting for their rights to the Holy Grail but it just turned into a random fight to protect their ideals. Everything was more philosophical than it should have been and it seemed extremely forced.

Sort of related to the above paragraph, the character interactions were OMGWTFROFLCOPTERSKATES. I mean seriously, besides Waver and Rider, all of the other conversations turned into a philosophical discussion. The script would have been much better if it were more simple and not everyone trying to outwit everyone else. In some cases, you can’t even tell what some characters are thinking because they are either being too vague or change their mind every episode.


Can’t blame these two though. Aren’t they just so cute and innocent. Loli Rin isn’t bad :3

In the second half of Fate Zero, it seems like things are starting to pick up. But I thought wrong. At the start of the second half, none of the Servants have died, so I assumed there would be a shitsickle of action. But no. They spent 1/4 to 1/3 of the second half on background story for Kiritsugu which was completely unnecessary. That whole arc was just a sob story for Kiritsugu and was just bad writing on Type Moon’s part. Though to be fair, Type Moon isn’t known for their award-winning writing.

There isn’t much to say about the rest of season 2 either; more ridiculous political intrigue, pointless dialogue, anti-climatic battles and inconsistency. Saber beats a guy in one hit with her Noble Phantasm right at the start of the match and doesn’t blink an eye, but never does that in Fate Stay/Night. Archer/Gilgamesh had a close fight, but when his opponent uses his Noble Phantasm, Gilgamesh was like TROLLOLOL and uses his anti-Noble Phantasm weapon and neutralizes it. Umm, can you say broken as shit? At least Rider was the best. Such a BAMF. His last moments were clearly epic. I cried man tears for him.


See you in my next review. This gets a 6/10 for me. Very average and I won’t recommend it unless you liked Stay/Night.

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Guilty Crown

I would like to write about how absolutely terrible this show is, but I cannot eloquently express this in a way which will seem objective. Please see this review: http://swabulous.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/guilty-crown/

I’ll summarize my thoughts about it. Inori was fap fodder; she did not serve any purpose in the plot except for “use her to resurrect mana” or “use her and draw out her OP void”. The story made no sense. The writers must have been on crack when they wrote this story. Why is Ouma Shu such a bad character? Inori is an idol? HEY GOOD MUSIC. Who or what the fuck is Daath? What am I watching? NOT AGAIN. This is so stupid. DAMMIT GAI. lolphysics. HEIL MEIN FUHRER SHU.

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So after my hiatus I decided to start writing reviews again. First on my backlog, Steins;Gate.


I remember the good old days when a man named John Titor claimed on the internet to be a time traveler from the year 2036, back in year 2000. Just like in 1985, we always thought the near future contained many things that could be changed, predicted and invented, but they usually never came to pass. Especially over half of Titor’s claims. The rest were just lucky guesses and obvious outcomes. But that is besides the point. This is also the main premise behind the anime Steins;Gate, which is based off a VN by the same name. And just in case you are curious, it’s also based in the same world as the terrible show Chaos;Head, but we can save that show for another day.


The main character, Okabe Rintarou, called intimately by his childhood friend Shiina Mayuri as Okarin, a 17 year old man who aims to be mad scientist and change the world. Great, that’s what we all want to do, right? He’s a likable character, and he’s not insane, so let him do what he wants. His college buddy Hashida Itaru, a computer whiz, also joins Okabe in his antics. When Okabe finds out a lecture is being held in time travel, he of course wants to go. I mean, what mad scientist isn’t interested in changing the world via monopolizing time travel? Well, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, a few strange events happen that confuse Okabe and oddly enough seems a lot like time travel. Why is this beautiful redhead asking what he was about to say, when he hadn’t even met her? Or how about that satellite that crashed into the skyscraper suddenly without his knowledge? Oh well, back to the lecture. Okabe is well versed in the claims of the famous John Titor and accuses the professor of plagiarism. Fair enough.

When Okabe tries to figure out what is going on, he notices the time stamps on his phone are wrong. It’s almost as though the messages were sent through time, or he had unknowingly traveled through a time where he sent the message and not remembered. Getting interesting. Okabe thinks he’s getting close to discovering the secrets of time travel when he realizes he can send messages through time, however physical objects contain billions of times more information and turn into jelly when attempted to time travel. Awesome shit. However, Okabe realizes a double-edged sword of time traveling, or the butterfly effect; apparently it;s really easy to change the world with just a little push. Oops.


The first few episodes, although a little slow, are pretty much necessary for explaining the complex setting and introducing the characters. Makise Kurisu, remember her from episode 1? Best character. The only thing they did wrong in the beginning was Ruka’s character. I am a bit ashamed at first to think “he” was attractive at first, but that’s not the point. It seemed Ruka’s character was only necessary to the plot to give Okabe a reason to investigate more about changing the past with time travel. Without realizing that Ruka had never changed genders when he sends a message to the past, he also would never had realized that large changes could occur with just a small seed. Ruka never becomes an important part of the story again. Sadface.


Mayuri’s character at first seems to be the fan service character, but this quickly changes, especially in the middle of the series, when she not only becomes a central part of the story but also becomes an emotional crutch for Okabe. She appears to be a very aloof, naive, but loving, character. However, she is actually very perceptive and considerate when she tries to help Okabe. It’s easy to say that she story could not have progressed as well without Mayuri. Btw, did I mention she is voiced by Hanazawa Kana? HNNNNNNNNNGH!


Makise Kurisu, another central figure in the plot, is also involved in time travel with Okabe. A very intelligent, curious and caring character, she only wants things to be resolved with her and her father and thus pursues research into time travel. At first, she only cooperates with Okabe for her own gain, but slowly begins to like him, cue tsundere moments :3 Anyway, Kurisu is pretty much the brains in the group; she developed more than half of their “time machine” by herself. Besides being one of the two characters that serves as a major plot character in every single episode, she also actually is the biggest catalyst for Okabe’s character development. She supported him mentally, emotionally and was there to him to trust. All in all a solid relationship, including an inevitable and realistic romance.


Another minor but fun character.

Basically, as far as characters go, Steins;Gate did a fantastic job, and deserves a 10. However there is more, and honestly, there are several flaws in this show, although they aren’t major.

Without spoiling anything to a major degree mind you, Okabe obtains a Divergence Meter which quantitatively measures the difference between the current world and the previous world. In the visual novel, Okabe can tell what he has changed based on his method of changing the past. However, this was not clearly explained in the show, which I think is a minor flaw. It is explained that above a divergence of 1.0, the world changes to a “different line” which is basically an entirely different set of causes and effects. However, small divergence changes are only branches on this “world line” and still have the same outcome, but different paths to it. Which explains why in the middle of the series, Okabe desperately tries to change the future to no avail, because it takes a lot of work to travel between world lines. Kinda like pushing a car up a hill.

Also, while all characters were inherently well designed, two characters, Mr Braun and his daughter, play a MAJOR role in the story and it only brushed upon. Not only saying this because it was a metric shitton times better in the visual novel, but in the anime, it’s clearly stated Braun has a certain role, but nothing is ever done about it. Their roles were basically downplayed. I thought it was a shame considering how much better it could have been done but oh well.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the organization causing all of this conflict is none other than CERN (SERN in the anime for copyright reasons), who happen to already have a monopoly on time travel and secretly rule the world through underground and underhanded means. Sounds familiar. Oh wait, Okabe was right all along! Also so was the guy from Chaos;Head. The organization itself is irrelevant, but it is well-written. The members, leaders and goals of this organization may seem mysterious but it is not ridiculous and honestly I thought it was a nice touch. They even successfully made a miniature black hole!

On to slightly less important things. I’m not a guy who sees a list of staff and says “Holy shit, this show is going to rock/suck” because honestly even the best studios/actors can fuck up. I also don’t try to downplay certain studios; J.C. Staff, y u get so much hate. But I thought these guys did a fantastic job. The art style was very clean and kept true to the original art. Heck, they even used the same voice actors from the visual novel! I honestly thought they put 110% of their effort into the anime and it showed. The music was excellent, and the bgm was appropriate. I can’t really fault the show for anything other than why we get fwef instead of geg The visual novel scene looked so much nicer :( but oh well, it’s only fan service.

Overall, this show deserves a 9 out of 10. It is a very excellent show that I recommend to everyone who likes sci-fi and only has a few minor flaws but not quite a masterpiece.

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Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

thats not a kick
^I would agree with him, considering the attack was called “Mystletainn Kick.”

So it turns out he survived that assault. He is after all, a zombie. When the show decided to bank on the hilariousness of having the main character a zombie, they really hit the mark. You might get the impression “oh great, another comedy series” but it actually did a lot better job at it than had thought. The first episode also introduces a “Masou” Shoujo, a parody on “Mahou” Shoujo which we are all familiar with. On top of that, she is a flat-chested tsundere. Too much to handle? You’d think so. Until you meet the loli necromancer and a big-breasted vampire ninja. In fact, the mere fact of it being ridiculous makes it all the more hilarious. Comedy scenes which you think might have been dry in a generic setting suddenly becomes refreshing.

tsundere haruna

^Kinda like that. Why so moe Haruna? It must be the antenna on her head. Yeah. >_>

But when the show decides to get serious, you’d think it would be something along the lines of “oh crap, now plot appears, it’s gonna suck.” I’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions, but I’m gonna have to say it did a pretty decent job with its plot, despite the setting being completely ridiculous.

thats not a kick v2

This guy didn’t think it was a kick either. Trust me. It wasn’t. This guy you could say is the biggest antagonist in the series, but you don’t know it until later. To be completely spoiler free, he’s basically the reason little necromancer is with the main character. Serious business. Despite all the moments of hilarity, the show proves to live up standards. For story and enjoyment, I give an 8 out of 10. (6 for story and 10 for enjoyment, lulz).

Let’s talk art/style/visuals whatever you want to call it. I’m going to be blunt. It looks fantastic. Props to Studio Deen for making this eye candy. Makes the ecchi scenes even better. Character designs were nice. You don’t get to see a loli in armor very often do you? :3 Little details like Haruna’s fang. (waitwut? I thought Sera was the vampire? Oh wait, she is, Haruna just has that cute little sharp tooth. Gotcha.) It was very consistent overall which means less complaining, more enjoying. Background stuff was so detailed I wonder how long it took them to draw it. It’s not watercolors, but it’s good. It didn’t give me an eye-gasm so I’m gonna have to give it a 9 out of 10.

So my overall score should be 8.33 but I’m rounding up to 9 because I’m lazy. Watch it. Though it’s not for everyone. If you want things to be very defined and stick to straight rules like Kitsu Chiri-chan (bonus points if you know who I’m talking about without looking it up) then you won’t enjoy it. This show is not about taking things that have been done before and just using a different setting.

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Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!!

aka “I don’t like you at all big brother” or however you wanna call it.


Reference aside, I thought this show would be a mixture between Oreimo and Kiss x Sis, but while it does remind me of those two shows a little bit, Onii-chan no koto turned out to actually be different. Instead of being completely tsun (like Kirino) or completely dere (like Ako and the other girl) it’s almost as if she’s both! It’s pretty great.

So first the artwork was the first thing I noticed. At first I thought it looked ugly, but it’s about the plot right? Right? Well honestly if I didn’t look past how different the art was I would have never know how hilarious the show was. That being show, I guess they did a decent job with the unique style. At least it was clean. Character design was pretty decent as well. They actually wear different clothes sometimes!

The story is pretty the best thing it had going for it. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy the sexual sufferings of a young man surrounding by (potentially) beautiful temptresses competing for the love of this disgusting male individual?! In any case, hilariousness ensues that includes, but is not limited to, Shuusuke exhibiting massive creepy/stalker/pervert behavior against multiple slightly off-proportioned but still beautiful young women (which includes his sister, oh snap). He is pretty much the lowest of the low in terms of his sexual desires and tastes, but….that’s why everyone loves him? He gets into so many shenanigans, and they are done pretty well, so its rather enjoyable.

Overall, while it’s not a masterpiece, I wouldn’t go that far, it was about as enjoyable as your average harem. 6 out of 10.

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