Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Review

Mondaiji for short (or Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?), this show is about three bamf humans with special powers being summoned to another world to help an extremely moe girl named Black Rabbit who is a part of an unnamed community. This was based on some light novels, which are known for their excellent content, so I had high hopes for this show.

tl;dr version at the bottom so let the wordy review commence.


I should reiterate that MC, otherwise known as Izayoi, is such a bamf that he redefines what it means to be a good protagonist. There are many things that recent MC’s lack and the stereotypes that Japan has bestowed upon the unfortunate beings that are central to the enjoyment of the show are, frankly, really boring. Nothing ruins a show like a wimpy protagonist that can’t even make a decision without someone holding his hand. Izayoi is different though; he not only accomplishes everything by himself, but he does so in a manner most spectacular. Instead of thinking, “Boy, I wish this MC grows some balls later on in this show” you’ll think, “Damn, does this guy ever turn off his l33t sauce?” He is just so so overpowered that you can entrust your unborn baby to him and call him goshujin-sama while wondering what awesome feat is he going to perform as the story progresses.

Black Rabbit, the other important character in this series, seems to be a generic moe stereotype but quickly surpasses that as she consistently captures your heart. You’ll find yourself hnngh-ing everytime she appears on the screen and can’t help but enjoy the scene. She’s even cute when she’s angry. She has very good legs which are the reason she can move very fast and why everyone covets her, as seen below.


The story is very simple, MC and his two lackeys (so to speak) help black Rabbit to defeat the Demon Lord and give his community social status. Sounds simple, except for the fact that everyone is ridiculously strong, but that’s okay but MC is OP. Izayoi never fails to meet Black Rabbit’s expectations but also is quite a free spirit and hard to deal with. The gimmick in this show requires people to overcome challenges called Gift Games where people compete using their own “Gift” or powers instead of just fighting to the death. They are quite interesting at times and provides a good feel for how the world is different from the human world. These “communities” or more like families or gangs of like-minded or close individuals who gather to promote their name. Prominent groups get to hang their flag, a symbol of their community, in the sky as a constellation. Honestly, this show was really interesting and I never got bored with it but it was kinda short (10 episodes) and had a lot of material to work with so I was kinda disappointed.

The artwork was done by Diomedea who have done good series like Hidamari s3, Nogizaka Naruka, Arakawa and Soremachi. Their style is clean and pleasing to the eyes but nothing mindblowing. They definitely did a good job with Black Rabbit though, dang was she moe ;_; Nothing much more to say about this other than there should not be any complaints; it was pretty solid all around.

The OP was Black † White by Iori Nomizu, who is a pretty decent singer, I really like her songs and this one was particularly catchy. I can’t stop playing it on Osu. The ED was To Be Continued? by Kaori Sadohara, a rookie talent who has only appeared in Nichijou and Upotte thus far. But I have to say this song is pretty catchy as well, especially with the animation, so damn fun. You can tell she’s had a lot of practice since those two roles and now I’m looking forward to her role in Date A Live, even though she’s only going to be the homeroom teacher..

Overall, this show was fairly enjoyable and I never got bored with it. I would actually recommend this to people who want a quick, fun and/or badass watch. The only things that keep this show from getting a 10 (and happen to be fairly significant) are: the story seems a little rushed and things escalate quickly without much explanation, but is still really enjoyable to watch. There is little to no character development; the main characters are really strong from the start and gags are necessary for character interactions. There isn’t much conclusion to the story. So this show gets an 8 out of 10.

But wait! One cannot forget about best girl on the left, Deen.


TL;DR, this was a good watch, perform visual confirmation of this fun if you have the time, 8/10.

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