Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Review

Okay, so Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity had Declined) is one of the first shows that ended for the summer 2012 season and I’ll have to say, for the expectations that I had for it, thankfully it didn’t disappoint me at all.

The first impression you get from an anime is usually the art style and I’ll have to say, it’s very unique. However, despite the vibrant colors and and bold character designs, it not only stands out but works well with the setting. One might be wary of this kind of art style and wonder “Is this show even going to be good?” but don’t worry. I’m glad I gave this show a chance. I’d like to thank Team Till Dawn for this amazing art design because it’s very clean, the backgrounds aren’t skimped on and every character is memorable. I’d also like to point out that they did the art for Persona 4 (the anime at least) and Kamisama Dolls so I’m surprised it came out this well (that is to say I thought they didn’t do their best for those shows). The main girl is so lovable and probably one of my favorite characters now and not only because of her design, but because of her complex nature, but I’ll talk about that later. For now enjoy a picture of her badassery before I get to the real meat of the review.


From the title of this series, you can tell this isn’t your average show. In fact, the happy, colorful portrayal of this black comedy, seinen satire is a nice contrast. The story follows a girl named Watashi (meaning I or me in Japanese, so I guess technically she is nameless but for reference I’ll call her Watashi) and she works for the UN as a mediator between Humanity, who are the fairies and the Former Humanity, which are the original humans. Basically humans have evolved into fairies and are superior in pretty much every way, which is why the old humanity is going extinct. Sounds interesting right? I know :3

So Watashi’s first job is to help make food for this village where her grandfather lives. Apparently meat production is a lost art in the future, just like manga! However, things get interesting when the chickens outsmart her and her three friends try to capture them. All of the adults where away on a hunt so couldn’t help them and, of course, they didn’t manage to catch anything. Well, I guess they are eating veggies for dinner again. Not only do the chicken come back to mock them, but apparently they have evolved into a more intelligent life form, the form of a skinned, headless chicken and run a factory that is distributing fairy-made products for the citizens of the town. Hooray! Of course, Watashi only figures this out after a long trial of investigation which involves a lot of /facepalm.


The rest of the story is a bunch of her quirky adventures so I won’t spoil it, but it’s worth mentioning the story doesn’t quite go in chronological order. It has a couple arcs where it goes back in time to show you how since met other lovable characters in the show like Y and Joshu-san (Assistant). Y is one of her friends, who went to school with her, who is a yaoi maniac and takes spreading the love very seriously. The other major characters are Watashi’s grandfather, who is called Grandfather and the fairies, who don’t have names. Watashi usually keeps some fairies with her, which increases her luck parameter, occasionally saving her from certain death.


Watashi is the type of girl that keeps to herself because she doesn’t trust any humans, besides Grandfather and Assistant, but at times can be very outspoken and make sarcastic retorts. She isn’t surprised very easily and takes things at face value. Plus she’s smart and looks adorable, need I say more? She’s always having dilemma whether is being caught inside a manga, caught in an endless loop of time, caught in the creation of a nation, but all of her problems are caused by the fairies. But she loves them anyway.

So now that I’ve talked as much as necessary about the plot and the characters, time to get to the other stuff. This show doesn’t put a huge emphasis on music, but when it does use music, it uses it well. Both the OP and the ED were well done and fit with the show. The OP is done by nano.RIPE who are most well known for the OP and other inserts for Hanasaku Iroha and recently, Sankarea. It’s a very upbeat song that mindless represents the fairies frivolity despite the troubles of the old humanity. The ED is Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume by the ever glorious Masumi Itou whose earliest work includes Galaxy Angel and Azumanga Daioh. It’s a nice song with ups and down that I think fits very well with the series.

As for the genius who wrote this story, Tanaka Romeo (I can’t help but think of how derp this name sounds), turns out this was who first novel. I’m impressed. Normally he only writes for bishoujo and H-games but Jinrui was something I would not have expected from him. I take off my hat to you Good Sir. So yeah. I guess there isn’t that much to say about this since this is pretty much his first work in the anime/manga industry. AIC, the studio who worked on Jinrui (well, a division of AIC did), did a pretty good job. I think the last amazing show I remember by them was Hourou Musuko. But they usually do a good job anyway. Good pacing, good perspectives, and all around good job for their work on Jinrui.

I definitely recommend this as Jinrui is probably the best show of the Summer 2012 season. It not only kept me watching from beginning to end, but it exceeded my expectations as “just a black comedy show.” If you don’t watch this now….



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