Summer 2012 Impressions

Okay, so I decided to write a post with my thoughts on some shows that are currently airing.


Arcana Famiglia is a battle/reverse_harem/bishounen anime with an emphasis on the female market. It’s about a girl who the daughter of the boss of Arcana Tarroco, which is sort of like a mafia organization in Italy. In order to choose his next successor, he orders them all to train for a battle royale which will be held in a couple months and the winner will be the next boss and be allowed to marry his daughter. Sounds all good and all except its more about how the girl faces her every day situations and her interactions with all the people in the group. Not surprisingly, there are many seeds for romance but nothing gets resolved quickly, being very true to its genre. A decent watch, but wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.


Binbougami ga! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this show, but it has proven me very wrong; I’m actually enjoying this slapstick comedy a lot more than I thought I would. I only checked it out because the main character is voiced by Hanazawa Kana, but it was worth the find. It’s not quite the level of Nichijou or Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, but still you will not find a funnier show this season. The gags are well done and the characters are interesting, plus the plot is pretty decent, why ask for more. I recommend this show highly.


My first impression of Campione was, “this looks like it could be pretty badass” and didn’t let me down. However, although it has potential, it could still fuck up later so we’ll have to see. So far, there is a lot of action, moe, ecchi and badassery so it’s a good show if you are into that sort of thing. Some scenes get pretty raunchy and I liked very much :3 The main girl is like-able so it’s easy to seem her and the main guy in a relationship. In theory, a show about god-slayers should be very eventful… If they take the story and the romance to the next level it will be a solid show.


Chitose Get You is a cute little short that is great for killing time, getting a small laugh or checking another show off your list. I enjoy it enough to say if they make a full series out of this, I would check it out, but these shorts aren’t really worth the time if you only want to watch “great” shows.


*sigh* Dakara Boku Wa, H ga Dekinai is an ecchi. It has supernatural and romance elements to the point where I could say its about a horny teenager who wants to fuck a sexy demon. But I digress. It’s aired on an uncensored channel so you see bare breasts, which are pretty nicely done. I love the art style and the girl looks sexy. However, the main character is wimpy, which is a real downer, especially when he seems retarded. Besides the plot, it seems very generic. It’s not worth watching unless you only like ecchi, since that is the only good thing about this show. I don’t recommend it…but it’s okay ._.


Dog Days’…what else can I say about this other than it’s exactly like season 1, only with more heroes. Yes, Shinku brings his girlfriend and his sister back to Flonyard. Eh, I don’t recommend this show unless you liked the first season, it’s a direct sequel. If you haven’t watched season 1, Dog Days is pretty much a generic battle anime with moefied characters.


I decided to check out Hagure Yuusha no Estetica because it reminded me of DenYuuDen. It has a little less ecchi and a little more action/intrigue than I thought at first. It’s pretty decent. However, the main character is pretty indecent, since in the first scene, he is seen escaping from the land he saved (he is a hero that saved the world) and steals the panties of the maid guards that are chasing him. He makes it back to his world with the Demon Lord’s daughter and a foreshadow of devastation occurs. The main character is supposed to be a badass but hasn’t showed his full potential yet, so I guess this has promise. I don’t really recommend it unless you like mature action/ecchi shows, but it’s okay.


Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita greatly surprised me. Don’t let the art fool you; this dark comedy is a masterpiece. From its original art style, to intriguing plot devices, to engaging dialogue, I have enjoyed every episode that I have watched so far. It’s not just a dark comedy either, there is a very solid plot as well, which is always very nice. I highly recommend this show if you like any kind of comedy or humor.


Joshiraku is a show about five girls talking about random things on their stage show. It’s pretty generic and they make some obscure references and puns, but it’s alright. The jokes don’t always make me laugh and there really is no plot. If you don’t care and just want to watch cute girls talking and doing retarded things you might like this show, but I don’t really recommend it.


I had high hopes for Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate because it has an interesting plot and really good character design. I really like Michiru (and she’s voiced Imai Asami HNNNGH). But this show kinda disappoints me, besides Michiru, the characters are very bland and don’t seem interesting. The plot is turning into a weird school politics battle. But at least the opening song is good. I don’t really recommend this show.


Kokoro Connect had potential but you always run into trouble when you come to the idea of switch bodies. I think this anime took it a little weirdly. They actually do go in the direction of thinking about what the soul is, but it just seems like a convenient plot device to explain things and I don’t think they are going anywhere with it. But that would be nice. It has comedy but only light chuckles and a little generic. I’m a little disappointed with this show and so far nothing has really hit me as amazing. Don’t recommend unless you like weird dramas.


Honestly, I thought Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru would be a bad show. It seemed very generic and predictable at first, but episodes 3 and 4 turned it around a little bit. The girls are your normal stereotypes and are a little interesting but it’s a harem. Meh. I suppose if I was the heir of a wealthy company and transferred to a school to find my future bride I would have fun too. If you like harem then watch it but I don’t think it’s very good.


The long awaited Moyashimon season 2! It’s good. Watch it.


I had high hopes for this show because all of the josei anime I watched have been excellent. However, the main character turns out to either be very rude and ignorant or both. I dunno, he rubs me the wrong way. Oh well. Anyway, it’s about a guy who buys flowers from this shop every day because he has a crush on the owner. Cool story bro. Then he ends up working there. Then there is odd romance. The lady’s late husband hovers around the shop as a ghost and for some reason the main guy can see him. Okay. The ghost tries to interfere for some odd reason, guess he has some regrets but doesn’t really make himself clear. Okay, I lost interest in this show, I don’t recommend it.


Okay. Holy shit. Sword Art Online is the best show this season. Fucking watch it. It’s about a really hyped virtual reality game that gets released and when people rush out to buy it and connect to it, they come to the realization that they cannot log out until they clear the game. Okay, no biggy, dey got dis. Except if you die, you die in the real world. Damn microwaves. Well, fuck, this show just got a gold star for badassery. If that isn’t hardcore enough for you, then the main character was a beta tester for this game and knows a shitton and even leads the main group of gamers to help clear the game. Plus he kills all the things. The art style seems like it doesn’t really fit but it works, especially in battles. There is some tasteful romance as well. OMG JUST WATCH THIS SHOW.


Tari Tari is a little odd, but the characters are love-able and has some good songs. It’s a decent slice of life with some drama and depending on how well it’s developed it can get better. It’s about a girl who failed at a recital and wanted to perform again since it’s her last year in high school, however she has to make a new club to do it. So now she has to build a new choir club with her friends as they develop….meh….good songs but it seems a litte awkward.

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  1. AznK93 says:

    I liek SAO, Tari Tari, and KokoConnect the most :3

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