Guilty Crown

I would like to write about how absolutely terrible this show is, but I cannot eloquently express this in a way which will seem objective. Please see this review:

I’ll summarize my thoughts about it. Inori was fap fodder; she did not serve any purpose in the plot except for “use her to resurrect mana” or “use her and draw out her OP void”. The story made no sense. The writers must have been on crack when they wrote this story. Why is Ouma Shu such a bad character? Inori is an idol? HEY GOOD MUSIC. Who or what the fuck is Daath? What am I watching? NOT AGAIN. This is so stupid. DAMMIT GAI. lolphysics. HEIL MEIN FUHRER SHU.

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3 Responses to Guilty Crown

  1. GUAIL says:

    At least Ayase was a charming and enjoyable character.

  2. AznK93 says:



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