Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

thats not a kick
^I would agree with him, considering the attack was called “Mystletainn Kick.”

So it turns out he survived that assault. He is after all, a zombie. When the show decided to bank on the hilariousness of having the main character a zombie, they really hit the mark. You might get the impression “oh great, another comedy series” but it actually did a lot better job at it than had thought. The first episode also introduces a “Masou” Shoujo, a parody on “Mahou” Shoujo which we are all familiar with. On top of that, she is a flat-chested tsundere. Too much to handle? You’d think so. Until you meet the loli necromancer and a big-breasted vampire ninja. In fact, the mere fact of it being ridiculous makes it all the more hilarious. Comedy scenes which you think might have been dry in a generic setting suddenly becomes refreshing.

tsundere haruna

^Kinda like that. Why so moe Haruna? It must be the antenna on her head. Yeah. >_>

But when the show decides to get serious, you’d think it would be something along the lines of “oh crap, now plot appears, it’s gonna suck.” I’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions, but I’m gonna have to say it did a pretty decent job with its plot, despite the setting being completely ridiculous.

thats not a kick v2

This guy didn’t think it was a kick either. Trust me. It wasn’t. This guy you could say is the biggest antagonist in the series, but you don’t know it until later. To be completely spoiler free, he’s basically the reason little necromancer is with the main character. Serious business. Despite all the moments of hilarity, the show proves to live up standards. For story and enjoyment, I give an 8 out of 10. (6 for story and 10 for enjoyment, lulz).

Let’s talk art/style/visuals whatever you want to call it. I’m going to be blunt. It looks fantastic. Props to Studio Deen for making this eye candy. Makes the ecchi scenes even better. Character designs were nice. You don’t get to see a loli in armor very often do you? :3 Little details like Haruna’s fang. (waitwut? I thought Sera was the vampire? Oh wait, she is, Haruna just has that cute little sharp tooth. Gotcha.) It was very consistent overall which means less complaining, more enjoying. Background stuff was so detailed I wonder how long it took them to draw it. It’s not watercolors, but it’s good. It didn’t give me an eye-gasm so I’m gonna have to give it a 9 out of 10.

So my overall score should be 8.33 but I’m rounding up to 9 because I’m lazy. Watch it. Though it’s not for everyone. If you want things to be very defined and stick to straight rules like Kitsu Chiri-chan (bonus points if you know who I’m talking about without looking it up) then you won’t enjoy it. This show is not about taking things that have been done before and just using a different setting.

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