Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!!

aka “I don’t like you at all big brother” or however you wanna call it.


Reference aside, I thought this show would be a mixture between Oreimo and Kiss x Sis, but while it does remind me of those two shows a little bit, Onii-chan no koto turned out to actually be different. Instead of being completely tsun (like Kirino) or completely dere (like Ako and the other girl) it’s almost as if she’s both! It’s pretty great.

So first the artwork was the first thing I noticed. At first I thought it looked ugly, but it’s about the plot right? Right? Well honestly if I didn’t look past how different the art was I would have never know how hilarious the show was. That being show, I guess they did a decent job with the unique style. At least it was clean. Character design was pretty decent as well. They actually wear different clothes sometimes!

The story is pretty the best thing it had going for it. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy the sexual sufferings of a young man surrounding by (potentially) beautiful temptresses competing for the love of this disgusting male individual?! In any case, hilariousness ensues that includes, but is not limited to, Shuusuke exhibiting massive creepy/stalker/pervert behavior against multiple slightly off-proportioned but still beautiful young women (which includes his sister, oh snap). He is pretty much the lowest of the low in terms of his sexual desires and tastes, but….that’s why everyone loves him? He gets into so many shenanigans, and they are done pretty well, so its rather enjoyable.

Overall, while it’s not a masterpiece, I wouldn’t go that far, it was about as enjoyable as your average harem. 6 out of 10.

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