So about that Katanagatari ep 11…

After a month wait (again) we get to see Togame and Shichika in action yet again, what with the intense past couple episodes. Every episode seemed to get better, and I guess that’s true for this episode too but…..withholding spoilers….OMG TOGAME WHY!?

So it starts out pretty normal; heading out to find Dokutou Mekki, then some serious conversation begins between Togame and Shichika. I approved of the outcome and Togame proved to be quite moe. However that’s besides the point. We also find out (as if we hadn’t noticed already) that both main characters had changed. Wow character development! Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a good thing.

How about Pengin’s ability. He’s pretty lucky. But apparently random cancels out lucky. Sorry Pengin. Oh. And Houou was pretty badass, but Emonzaemon didn’t quite cut it. Can’t believe that was the “best” fight in this episode. Houou put up quite a show and his insane face was lulz, but what’s up with the Shikizaki Kiki thing? Was that really him? God the last episode has a lot of explaining to do, including the cliffhanger.

Nice boat…I mean ending. The ending song I mean.

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